Red Army Goes West

I came across this inspired piece of graffiti/urban art.

In the centre of the Bulgarian city of Sofia, there’s a glorious piece of sculpture dedicated to the Red Army.¬†Coincidentally just after Sofia’s Design Week, the statues emerged in the garb of western icons ranging from Superman to Ronald Macdonald. Superhero spotters out there will easily recognise the rest of the western superheroes. Appropriately, the graffiti underneath it says ‘Moving with the Times’.

The artist responsible has been dubbed the Banksy of Bulgaria. Not by me, I might add.




M1, M42, M5

the steady rythm of motorway miles

is unusually welcome.

The thrum of the engine

eating up the miles

A road trip as a salve




Five hours of travel,

ready conversation ebbs and flows

new stories, old information

gladly retold.

Kernow appears in the dip of a valley

Belatedly, unexpectedly.


Mawgan Porth.


Fresh modernism contrasts

the cheerful seaside

The houses hunched, crouched

betray the winter storms

Nobody lives here.




Gulls wheel and bicker

rooks fuss and bark

the muffle, bored lilt of a lifeguard

surfers to the left, swimmers in the middle.




Impossible wetsuits

spin cycle surf

platefuls of foam

laughing, laughing




Warm cotton against revitalised skin

sun, sea and salt sting my cheeks

the last gasp of summer

cold, pink wine incongruous

in plastic




Basking in the warmth, cyan sky

wood fired hot tubs


only the small logs will do

says the surfer

they get going alright


St. Mawes.


Secret Garden

Cloistered privacy

Red wine and walnut whips

the gulls now creak


The promise of sex

weighs heavy in this place

or maybe thats me,


everyone’s at it in a place like this

Retro futurism

I love it when an alternate reality is played out using real brands (or in this case, defunct real brands). I came across this poster and it transported me back to another time. Born out of Kubrick’s 2001: A space odyssey it’s an absolute classic.

Bacon Ipsum

If you’re a designer, you’ll have used lorem ipsum as latin filler for copy that doesn’t exist yet.

I found this great meat-based alternative. Check it out, it’s brilliant.¬†

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet meatball tail swine pork chop chuck, rump tongue sirloin corned beef short ribs drumstick pastrami ham hock sausage. Turkey flank drumstick short loin, tri-tip ham hock salami tenderloin ball tip chuck bacon biltong short ribs. Strip steak meatloaf corned beef jowl flank pig. Meatloaf flank short ribs sirloin ribeye pig venison. Cow spare ribs biltong meatball drumstick. Sirloin spare ribs strip steak beef ribs, shoulder ham pastrami meatloaf ground round bresaola t-bone hamburger meatball tri-tip. Strip steak tri-tip chuck beef, pork ham bacon drumstick cow pig short loin.

Bresaola shoulder tail pork. Short ribs short loin shoulder ground round pig corned beef, bacon cow t-bone. Sirloin ground round pork, tail swine shoulder rump spare ribs pork chop jerky drumstick flank beef. Sausage salami bacon chicken. Hamburger t-bone turkey, flank jerky fatback pancetta sirloin. Pork fatback rump chicken salami ribeye. Cow swine tail pancetta strip steak ball tip.

Pork chop pancetta bacon swine. Venison jowl short ribs meatball short loin, shankle chuck pancetta pastrami shoulder jerky biltong. Meatball beef drumstick sausage chicken beef ribs, tongue hamburger. Shoulder beef ribs shankle salami sirloin, pancetta ham swine chicken short loin flank turkey pork chop. Sausage fatback venison strip steak tail meatloaf. Rump sirloin pork swine. Strip steak short loin chicken drumstick, beef pig meatloaf bresaola t-bone.

Bacon venison bresaola corned beef, pork loin pancetta fatback tongue. Chicken jerky hamburger short ribs, tail salami spare ribs meatloaf pancetta drumstick cow. Turkey short loin fatback jerky chuck, spare ribs pancetta salami strip steak drumstick beef. Pig cow pork belly tongue short loin. Pig shankle meatloaf chuck, bresaola salami rump corned beef sausage meatball. Bacon pork loin cow, pork hamburger beef ribs rump. Pork spare ribs strip steak t-bone.

Shoulder beef meatball swine salami, turkey shank venison ground round spare ribs t-bone pork chop chuck. Beef ribs ham drumstick, pig shankle pork loin ball tip rump pancetta tail t-bone tenderloin beef corned beef meatloaf. Jowl pork biltong rump tenderloin, shankle ham hock tongue beef. Turkey venison chuck tail, pork pork loin swine. Tenderloin meatball fatback pork, flank sirloin ribeye pig chuck bacon sausage ham hock pork loin. Salami pancetta cow, beef ribs biltong pastrami bacon swine ground round pig. Meatball meatloaf sirloin rump, shankle tail spare ribs jerky.

The Kaiser Chiefs Experiment

The Kaiser Chiefs are doing something interesting on their website, with their new album.

They are asking fans to create their own album from the tracks available, create the art for the cover and then ‘sell’ their album to as many people as they can. For a slightly reduced price, you can buy the album and then you can receive a kick back if people buy your version of the album.

Is this a cunningly clever social media campaign, capturing the cultural zeitgeist and harnessing its power or faintly desperate gimmick that speaks of a band lacking confidence in their new material?

Mmm, I’m not sure.

It’s something I’ve not seen before so I’ll be interested to see if it’s generating the right level of social media buzz required to get the word out that the Kaisers are back. It’s got the look of a well funded project too with a handsome set of assets to play with.

I’ll come clean, I do like the band. They’ve paid their dues, worked their way up on what I think is relatively modest talent combined with sheer determination and hard graft. The Kaisers’ last album was a bit of a flop and they’ve been away licking their wounds.

There’s a lot riding on this next record and although I’m not sure about the gimmickry of the site, I’m sure that the music will tell all.