Probably the nicest box in the world

This pic doesn’t really do the experience of opening and seeing the MacBook Air for the very first time.

Still, the packaging is absolutely beautiful an continues Apple’s long history of creating not only great product design, but packaging that is equally fantastic.

First post

Well, here I am. First post of my very own blog.

I’ve been enjoying blogging through the Globetroffers and through work so much, I thought I’d start my own as much of the nonsense that I like or that interests me doesn’t fall into work or food (believe it or not!)

I’ll apologise now for the indulgent geekiness of the blog as unfortunately that’s just the way it is.

Header picture comes courtesy of Disneyland Electric Parade in case you’re interested.

More to follow, in the meantime here’s a nice pic taken in the back garden a few weeks ago when we had some great weather – got the barbecue fired up and sat outside for most of the night with good company. A perfect evening in other words.