Leeds Festival

Probably one of our favourite weekends of the entire summer. Years ago me and Benno used to just come for a day and then I started bringing Josh and Steve started bringing Adam…well we’ve graduated to the big league now.

We spend the entire weekend with the kids (wives electing to stay at home) and have the bets time ever. Surely we’re too old for this lark, but no – every year seems to get better. 2008 was no exception and although there wasn’t a super amazing lineup (apart from the mighty British Sea Power on the main stage of course) it was still a brilliant weekend where it’s ok to have a tinnie at 10am and no-one will complain if your diet consists of Ginsters all weekend.

Outrageous – here’s me and the boy lovin it.

Back in the saddle

After quite a lot of time concentrating on the Globe Troffers blog and the Thompson blog, I thought now would be a good time to get back in the saddle on the Deanoblog.

It’s not as if I’ve been twiddling – the last few months have been absolutely awesome. The summer months have been absolutely amazing. Even if the weather hasn’t. Every day this week, I’ll post a story about the great things we’ve been up to during the summer.

First up (and in no psrticular order, although it is the most recent) was our trip down to Rover Cottage for the annual members party in Dorset. A fantastic weekend in which we basked in amazing summer weather at the end of September and had the most amazing time with Dawn and Gurdev. 

The most remarkable event of the weekend has to be Julie accosting Hugh and enquiring as to whether a kiss and a cuddle might be out of the question – of course, how could he resist?