Bacon Ipsum

If you’re a designer, you’ll have used lorem ipsum as latin filler for copy that doesn’t exist yet.

I found this great meat-based alternative. Check it out, it’s brilliant.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet meatball tail swine pork chop chuck, rump tongue sirloin corned beef short ribs drumstick pastrami ham hock sausage. Turkey flank drumstick short loin, tri-tip ham hock salami tenderloin ball tip chuck bacon biltong short ribs. Strip steak meatloaf corned beef jowl flank pig. Meatloaf flank short ribs sirloin ribeye pig venison. Cow spare ribs biltong meatball drumstick. Sirloin spare ribs strip steak beef ribs, shoulder ham pastrami meatloaf ground round bresaola t-bone hamburger meatball tri-tip. Strip steak tri-tip chuck beef, pork ham bacon drumstick cow pig short loin.

Bresaola shoulder tail pork. Short ribs short loin shoulder ground round pig corned beef, bacon cow t-bone. Sirloin ground round pork, tail swine shoulder rump spare ribs pork chop jerky drumstick flank beef. Sausage salami bacon chicken. Hamburger t-bone turkey, flank jerky fatback pancetta sirloin. Pork fatback rump chicken salami ribeye. Cow swine tail pancetta strip steak ball tip.

Pork chop pancetta bacon swine. Venison jowl short ribs meatball short loin, shankle chuck pancetta pastrami shoulder jerky biltong. Meatball beef drumstick sausage chicken beef ribs, tongue hamburger. Shoulder beef ribs shankle salami sirloin, pancetta ham swine chicken short loin flank turkey pork chop. Sausage fatback venison strip steak tail meatloaf. Rump sirloin pork swine. Strip steak short loin chicken drumstick, beef pig meatloaf bresaola t-bone.

Bacon venison bresaola corned beef, pork loin pancetta fatback tongue. Chicken jerky hamburger short ribs, tail salami spare ribs meatloaf pancetta drumstick cow. Turkey short loin fatback jerky chuck, spare ribs pancetta salami strip steak drumstick beef. Pig cow pork belly tongue short loin. Pig shankle meatloaf chuck, bresaola salami rump corned beef sausage meatball. Bacon pork loin cow, pork hamburger beef ribs rump. Pork spare ribs strip steak t-bone.

Shoulder beef meatball swine salami, turkey shank venison ground round spare ribs t-bone pork chop chuck. Beef ribs ham drumstick, pig shankle pork loin ball tip rump pancetta tail t-bone tenderloin beef corned beef meatloaf. Jowl pork biltong rump tenderloin, shankle ham hock tongue beef. Turkey venison chuck tail, pork pork loin swine. Tenderloin meatball fatback pork, flank sirloin ribeye pig chuck bacon sausage ham hock pork loin. Salami pancetta cow, beef ribs biltong pastrami bacon swine ground round pig. Meatball meatloaf sirloin rump, shankle tail spare ribs jerky.

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