Gillies Jones Glass

Went over to see Kate and Steven at Gillie Jones Glass today – lovely people who create beautiful and amazing glass.

check out their website –

They were launching their new collection and it was amazing. We helped them with their branding a while ago – it’s very satisfying to see that it’s working for them and they are being taken very seriously in their field.

If you go see their work, it’s a double whammy – not only do you get to see art like you’ve not seen before, you get to some of the most beautiful scenery this side of Cornwall. Enjoy.

The clock is ticking…

…to The Leeds Festival!

I’ve just emailed my contact at Mean Fiddler with my annual casual enquiry as to when the guest tickets will be on sale.

The email bounced back. YIKES.

Let’s hope it’s an email glitch and not the fact he’s left the company to go travelling or something.

In the meantime here’s a festival pic to whet your appetite…it’s the high life, oh yes.



Great book

30 essential typefaces for a lifetime.

A fantastic book that reminds of the form and functionality of the best classic fonts.

Highlights include:

Gill, Frutiger, Futura, Univers, Franklin Gothic, Akzidenz Grotesk and of course, Helvetica.


June playlist

Quite a lot to get through this month. There’s a lot of stuff out there and not enough time to listen to it. Here’s my list of albums for the next couple of weeks:

Neon Neon

Scarlett Johansson

Beach House


Quiet Village

Isobel Campbell

Howlin Rain

El perro del mar


Dennis Wilson

Bon Iver

One night only

MIdnight Juggernauts


Martha Wainwright





Don’t really know why I’m doing this at this exact point in my life (Julie has a view), but I’m currently learning to play the guitar.

My finger ends are numb and it feels like proper hard work when my guitar teacher puts me through my paces for an hour every week.

I have to say though, it great to be learning something new. It feels like a real cahllenge and I’m determined to make a go of it. 

at the moment it feels like I’m never going to play anything – lets see how I get on.




Plug In for Itunes

Itunes limitations for reproducing music to its full potential has been very well documented.

I was read about Volume Logic as a plug in for itunes, so I downloaded it on trial (30 days free, penny watchers) and it absolutely transforms the sound of every tune that gets played through itunes, it adds real depth and  banishes the tinniness and inconsistency of sound levels.

No brainer. Do it.


I’ve been giving this album some real stick over the last few days – I’m really loving it.

Beth Rowley is one of a long line of women singer songwriters at the moment, but what sets her apart I think is her blues/jazz/gospel sensibilities. She has a great voice and I look forward to seeing if she can make an impact on the current vibrant music scene.

First heard her on The Word CD, so chalk another one up for Mark Ellen et al.


Essential reading

Just finished reading Maus by Art Spiegelman for this month’s book club.

It’s real journey – a moving tale of his mother and father’s survival of the holocaust told through the medium of a graphic novel. It’s no mean feat to tell a credible and emotional tale in this format.

what I really liked was the metaphoricl characters – the jews are mice, the nazis are cats and the americans are dogs. Don’t ask me why the brits are fish.

It comes highly recommended.

ighly recommended.

Sunday morning chill

Perfect soundtrack to a wet and chilled Sunday morning.

Brunch calls (it’s too late to call it breakfast)



There’s nothing better than spending Saturday chilling out around the house. 

Watched Leeds Rhinos beat Wigan Warriors in the afternoon and had some wood for the fire delivered by John, the logman. 

Stocked the log store with wood – there’s no finer sight in my opinion, evidence of a great evening to come.

And I wasn’t wrong.