Typeface Quiz

The last few posts that included an element of quiz activity proved rather popular, so I thought it would be interesting to put out  a rather specialist typography quiz.

Can you name all of the fonts on the poster below?

Only the purest type geeks need apply!

One thought on “Typeface Quiz

  1. Hi Phil

    That was a *really* hard font quiz ‘loved the challenge’

    Struggled with Walker & Gotham as they are really close to each other, so I may have slipped up there, or other places…

    Here goes

    A: Mason
    B: Franklin Gothic
    C: Bell Centennial
    D: Oakland
    E: FF Meta
    F: FF Beowolf
    G: HTF Didot
    H: FF Blur
    I: Big Caslon
    J: Mantinia
    K: Verdana
    L: New Alphabet
    M: Keedy Sans
    N: Helvetica Bold
    O: Retina
    P: ITC Galliard
    Q: FF Din
    R: OCR-A
    S: Mercury
    T: Interstate
    U: Gotham
    V: Miller
    W: Template Gothic
    X: Walker
    Y: Baskerville
    Z: Dead History

    Fingers crossed

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