Making a mark

It’s nice to pick up a pen and open up my drawing book. To be honest I don’t do it enough.

At Art College we started off using pencil and charcoal but graduated — slowly — to using pen. Pen is one of the toughest mediums to draw with I think. Instant mark making with no room for error and what errors you do make have to be incorporated and be believed.

In this modern era of instant gratification, I still like the discipline of looking hard and interpreting real life into line drawing. It takes time although I do work reasonably quickly. It’s nice to know that in the era of Instagram, there is still space for a patiently observed and crafted image, every detail burnt into the memory.

I need to do more of it, but without the drawing on the pants bit.






2 thoughts on “Making a mark

  1. I’ve always loved the sign pen. We used to chop off the end into a chisel point, it was perfect for lettering. The ends always went soft anyway. I bought a dark grey and a red, lovely to work with.

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