Horror Brush Script

Back in the eighties, there was a real trend for hand drawn film identities, particularly in the horror genre. Looking back at that era, everyone was at it: unless you had a hand drawn affair, then your film wasn’t a) credible or b) nowhere near scary enough.

This collection is an edited version of a seemingly vast collection of logos I came across last week and there’s definitely something nice about seeing them together.  It’s striking how similar they are too – designers or their commissioners didn’t seem to be too worried about plagiarism, in fact I suspect they probably encouraged it.

My favourites have to be American Werewolf and The Fog, although I have to admit being swayed by them being favourite films from that era. Special mention has to go the ‘Chopping Mall’ as the worst/best movie title pun of all time.

I’d like to see a re-emergence of this type of type…it would certainly be a huge improvement on the cookie cutter Trajan typography we see so often these days.

horror-movie-poster-lettering-1981-howling horror-movie-poster-lettering-1981-wolfen horror-movie-poster-lettering-1983-hunger horror-movie-poster-lettering-1984-nightmare-on-elm-street horror-movie-poster-logo-1980-friday-the-13th horror-movie-poster-logo-1980-shining horror-movie-poster-logo-1981-american-werewolf-in-london horror-movie-poster-logo-1986-chopping-mall horror-movie-poster-typography-1980-fog horror-movie-poster-typography-1980-prom-night



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