Daytripper – Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon

Into The Orchard





A couple of months ago our boysbookclub did another comic/graphic novel, the quite astonishing Building Stories by Chris Ware, which I’ve not had the chance to get written up on the blog yet.  When I went into OK Comics in Leeds to buy a copy I got chatting to the guys in the shop and they recommended Daytripper to me which I’d not got round to reading until I was away last week when I sat down with a bottle of wine and read it through – what an astonishing book.  I say book but it’s a comic, or is it a graphic novel – not knowing much about the field I’m not sure how best to describe it but it’s an amazing work of art.  In reading this I got to thinking and chatting about the difference between the graphic and non graphic way of storytelling.  In…

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