I thought I’d join in the excitement building around Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi, Prometheus.

Billed as a kind of prequel to his first groundbreaking sci-fi movie Alien, Prometheus opens in the UK next week and already the noise online and off is almost deafening around the film. It’s fair to say that it’s Scott’s first big release since Gladiator and the advance buzz is off the scale.

They seem to have taken viral marketing to a whole new level with spoof movies on You Tube, entire ad breaks on TV encouraging viewers to live tweet their excitement and it seems to be working incredibly well. Well, it’s working on me. It seems like they’re almost at spoiler level though at which point I will probably stop looking at stuff so I can be really wowed when I see the film.

Here’s a few images that nod back to the original Alien – space jockey and derelict spacecraft – along with a few new ones to get the juices flowing. It’s a staggeringly good-looking film and Scott always knows how to make handsome films – here’s hoping that the incredible hype is justified.

Just one question for me remains – should I see it in 3D or 2D? Last few films I’ve seen in 3D left me hugely disappointed – in fact Avengers was actually better in 2D. But I understand Scott has used latest technology and filmed fully in 3D so that might sway me…wonder if it’s on at the IMAX…?

I’ll be blogging my review after the opening weekend…watch this space.

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