Gillies Jones Glass

A few years ago, I came across an amazing partnership – Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones. Together they make some of the most exquisite fine art glass you will ever see and watching them work in the beautiful surroundings of Rosedale Abbey in North Yorkshire is a joy to behold.

They are a unique combination of artistry and craftsmanship. The physicality needed manhandle molten glass and the skill required to blow it combines in a really special way with the artistic inspiration of nature. Stephen is the glass maker and Kate is the artistic one and their partnership has a symbiosis that’s quite remarkable. Most artists do it all themselves although many do rely on the executional skills of a team around them.

They say their work is “Drawing inspiration from the elemental beauty of their rural surroundings, Gillies Jones have developed a unique aesthetic”

It’s worth a trip out to their studio to have a look at them in action – they have special days when the glassblowing is happening and the gallery of work is worth the trip out. You can even buy some of their smaller pieces as well as commission something specific if that takes your fancy.

You can see more of their work here 

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