What I’ve been listening to this week

My music taste is pretty eclectic (doesn’t everyone say that?).

Here’s a few albums I’ve been listening to on and off.

The war on drugs
Ambient Oasis-esque, quite liking where it was going, not sure my life was long enough to wait for them though. Full marks for milking it though. Nice album cover too.

Gentleman’s Pistols
Loving the 70’s Thin Lizzy/Ozzy double zz references, reminded me instantly of pubs that smelt of patchouli oil, afghan coats and the likelihood of a slap from a bearded biker type. Another great cover in a kind of ‘smell the glove’ kind of way.

Frightened Rabbit
Delicate and lovely like a wispy folky beard that might blow away in the morning wind. Surely this trend is behind us: every band sounds like this right now. One thing that slightly unnerves me – one member of the band DOESN’T have a wispy, folky beard. Call the record company.

Fucked Up
Best named brand by far. Does the music match the hedonistic nature of the name? Almost. And these guys I suspect will be pretty awesome live. Blew off some cobwebs. Lead singer is clearly the embodiment of the band name (see above).

Thurston Moore
Mature and confident and with plenty of guitar to boot. Two tracks of this stuff would have been plenty, a full album of it is a little too much.

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