This week

I thought I’d look back on what’s been a pretty good week. It’s not had the literal and metaphorical fireworks of other weeks I’ve had, but it’s been interesting, ordinary, extraordinary, tiring and dull in fits and starts. I guess much like most people, I take the rough with the smooth and this week’s been moderately smooth.


You’ll notice that in my job I do a lot of travelling to London and other glamorous destinations like Coventry and Northampton. It’s not New York I know.

Sure, travelling is tiring but in general I’m well catered for and unless the train’s cancelled of the M1 is closed for the day, it’s usually pretty easy. I can think of harder things to do and travelling is just getting yourself on a mode of transport in my mind. My theory is that because I don’t travel hundreds of miles every day, I’ve never really lost the thrill of it. In truth if I spent too much time at my desk, my feet get a little itchy. Like everything, variety is the spice of life.

Wine tasting

As far too regular customers of Majestic Wine, we were invited to their winter wine tasting this week.

We went earlier this year and it was quite pleasant so we accurately surmised this would be a good way to spend a couple of hours. As usual in these things, the wines were hit and miss in terms of what we liked, but generally it was interesting and stimulating to try wines we wouldn’t normally give house room.

What really tickled our tastebuds was the French aperitif Lillet, the small batch vodka Bison and the deeply flavoured rum, Kraken. As a lover of mythology, I didn’t need the Kraken legend explaining (giant sea monster/octopus) and after a couple of snifters, we decided it was Christmas in a glass.

Friday Picnic

I’d been asked by the rather lovely folk at Culture Vultures to attend the inaugural Friday Picnic event at Munro House in Leeds. Billed as ‘A Packed Lunch’ it was essentially a very cool combination of networking, lunching, consulting, sharing and chilling.

I attend a lot of typical business events and this definitely wasn’t one of them – and that’s good. As I’d come to expect from CV, it was impeccably put together (apart from me having to nail clipboards to the wall upon arrival 😉 –  with great attention to detail.

There’s some very good ideas emanating from Duke Studios (where the event was hosted) – especially #motherfrickinlaser – the coolest laser cutting machine in town. I predict a great future for this event: I can see it growing and growing. It’s a valuable addition to the business and cultural scene in the city.

Fulneck School Children in Need Challenge

After a busy week, our usual routine is to draw the curtains, open a bottle of something cheeky and lounge around in front of the telly. This week being Children in Need saw us supporting Fulneck School (with the lovely wife and I being member of staff, parents and governor all rolled into one package).

The girl was part of the Fulneck ‘Apprentice’ challenge team comporting against other schools in Pudsey to see how much Christmas mercy they can flog in one evening to the unsuspecting folk of Pudsey. It was really impressive to see all the teams selling like mad with techniques ranging from the subtle soft sell to shouting down a bull town to get noticed. It was all for charidee of course and although Fulneck were the well-deserved victors, it was a top effort. We tramped home thankfully for a warming glass to end a tiring but satisfying week.

3 thoughts on “This week

  1. As much as I enjoyed reading about your week’s adventures it seems clear that sooner rather than later I should sign up for some English classes. Near as I can tell Georgia was enlisted to sell some needy children to the highest bidder. Those winners were given a sandwich and not nailed by you to any walls. Many drunks were in attendance and thus nobody was arrested for child abuse. Surely this translates differently among those who do actually speak your lingo. I hope at least the children were placed in good homes and their impoverished parents are employing stiff upper lips, which I know is a British specialty. Maybe all the wine helped in that regard.

  2. That’s the alternative reality for my week!!

    I’m not sure it’s your fault Nancy – more likely it’s my far too colloquial writing! Either way – that really made me laugh out loud :))

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