California: Hopper Lives

This is the first of a series of posts inspired by my recent visit to California. It’s one of the most incredible destinations if you like all things American. I hope to share some of the sublime and ridiculous that caught my eye and imagination.

A little over a year before Dennis Hopper died earlier this year, the iconic actor started working on a collection for US brand Vans. Apparently Hopper grew up wearing the classic sneakers and he double checked with his son to make sure they were still cool before agreeing to collaborate with the California-based brand.  When he got the go ahead, he started working some of his most famous photographs onto t-shirts and the lining of hats and military jackets.

When Hopper died, his daughter Marin took over the design duties, putting the final touches on the product before its launch this month. I saw the posters on a street wall in Venice Beach and it caught my eye immediately.

Hopper’s melancholic gaze across a parking lot in one of the more edgier districts in Los Angeles was unforgettable. Apparently he used to take heroin to sober up in order to keep drinking. I read one quote that said “Hopper Lives – he just doesn’t know he’s dead’.


3 thoughts on “California: Hopper Lives

  1. Interesting. Nice photo too.
    California is still on my travel to-do list. Furthest West so far has been Las Vegas.
    Los Angeles sounds like a great, dirty, scary, fun, place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

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