OK – now you’ve warmed up on the superhero alphabet, why not try the airline tailfin test?


3 thoughts on “Tailfins

  1. I thought this would be easy-peasy, but got stuck on a couple…

    A. China
    B. Korean
    C. Qatar
    D. China Southern
    E. Quantas
    F. JetBlue (?)
    G. Air France
    H. ?
    I. Lufthansa
    J. British Airways
    K. Continental
    L. Delta
    M. JAL
    N. Singapore
    O. Thai
    P. ?

  2. Missing names…

    F – Jet Blue (correct)

    H – Southwest

    K – United (controversially using the Continental fin but the United moniker)

    P – Emirates

    Nice work James, clearly well travelled!

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