Scotch Whisky Experience

Given that I promised to cut down on my alcohol intake by not drinking midweek, it made my recent trip to the Scotch Whisky Experience all the more painful.

We’d been invited in to talk about  a potential new project and part of the day included a guided tour of the impressive and recently refurbished visitor attraction.

Situated right next to Edinburgh Castle, the Scotch Whisky Experience (I’ll call it SWE from now of if you don’t mind) should be on every tourist’s to do list when visiting the Scottish capital, regardless of whether you like a wee dram or not.

Whisky can be as complicated as wine and an entire  industry has grown up around it in terms of the appreciation and understanding of the amber liquid. I certainly wouldn’t profess to be an expert but  my favourite malt whisky has to be Laphroig Quarter Cask from Islay. Smoky, peaty and containing more than a hint of petroleum (really) it sums up all that is lovely about the art of making really great whisky.

I digress. Next time you’re in Edinburgh, pay a visit to one of the city’s most impressive attractions – particularly the room above which contains the largest whisky collection in the world.

And try not to do as I did, go in the middle of the week when you’re trying to lay off the drink…

One thought on “Scotch Whisky Experience

  1. Oh Phil. You must have been in your element. Pity you didn’t get to sample any. I still get flashbacks of the top row of whiskies in that hotel a few years ago. And of the final bill for your wee dram of each brand available. Lol

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