True modern art?


We’ve all seen them.

I’d even hazard a guess that at least 50% of the population has at some time drawn one.

The most popular location seem to be bus stops for some reason, closely followed by  high school exercise books (usually maths).

Yes, I’m talking about the artsitic interpretation of  todgers of all shapes and sizes.

Some are anatomically perfect specimens and others economically rendered, but always the intention is to shock the recipient of the artwork into some kind of reaction.

I’m sure that a psychologist would have a field day with the reasons why people leave painted phallus’s for all to see and why they engender feelings of revulsion and fascination.

But I was interested to find out that there’s a book going to be published next year full of the very best/worst examples – Bus Stop Knobs. Why not send a snap of your favourite rude graffiti to here.

There, blog post done and no knob gags.

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