Ok, I won’t lie to you, I do like to swear.

Perhaps more often than I should.

I blame it on my  formative years in employment. Working in a small design studio above a chemist in the suburbs of Leeds, I honed my potty mouth alongside finished artists who took pride not only in their artwork but their foul-languaged eloquence.

But I am where I am.

And on top of this, I do find swearing funny in the right situation. Childish I realise.

Modern Toss uses swear words to maximum effect – their pocket swearer app was downloaded and gleefully shared with friends and irresponsibly, with my son (although he is 19). Still, I should know better.

And yet I find myself chuckling away in a schoolboyish fashion to the periodic table of swearing published by Modern Toss and brought to my attention by Sabotage Times.

It’s pure filth and pure fucking genius. Enjoy.

One thought on “Swearing

  1. I’ve spotted this table recently too. Hilarious! I love swearing me. The best bit about our boy being out occasionally is that we can swan around the house effing and jeffing! I think you miss it when you have kids around, that you can’t swear willy and indeed nilly.

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