Ever since I upgraded my broadband package with BT in late August, I’ve been frustrated.

You’d think paying top dollar for unlimited broadband would have me kicking my heels in joy.

Oh no.

I won’t bore you with the details (if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll have bored you with it already) but I’ve pretty much had no internet access at home for over two months.

I’m reasonably philosophical about these things and I try to find other things that need attention in my life other than blogging and downloading stuff.

But I’m at the end of my tether. It’s nowhere near fast enough and I’m told that it should be getting better – and it’s not.

And do you know what? There’s nothing I can do, except speak to the nice people in a contact centre in India (genuinely doing their best) and wait for it to be sorted.

Even my wife is getting frustrated – and when that happens, it’s tin hat time.

2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Hmmm not ideal.

    As you know, we have KC over here in Hull, and while many people complain, their service is excellent. I can ring up, speak to someone who is literally down the road, and they are helpful and friendly.

    I think you are being extremely patient. I would be seething! What have they said will be done? I would expect a refund and money to cover by time at the very least.


  2. I’m both seething and sanguine!

    I have already raised the matter of refund AND free subscriptions to compensate for the inconvenience! And I have been told that the service will be back up to the usual levels – 3mb download – which isn’t enormous to begin with, but is a significant increase on what I’m getting now.

    Will keep you posted…

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