Nice and simple

Once in a while you see something that makes you smile.

It’s often something simple, well considered and executed. These bookmarks caught my eye just now. They’re not only playful, but they’re beautifully designed and bring something else to a completely functional item.

They’re for sale here (if you can read japanese). Thanks to The Dieline for finding these.

Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall

At the end of last year, one of the projects I worked on was for a completely unique event. The plan was to illuminate the length of Hadrian’s Wall, from end to end. Every so often a project comes along that completely captures th imagination and this was one of them.

Born out of a desire to make Hadrian’s Wall relevent hundreds of years later, this event really captured the imagination of the communities all along the length of the wall. We created the brand identity and marketing materials for the event and it all happened last weekend.

Although I planned to take a trip up and be part of the event, stuff got in the way as it sometimes does and we couldn’t go. I was delighted to see that the weather was perfect and it was a huge success. Media coverage was pretty spectacular too, so well done to the team involved in pulling off this major cultural event. There’s even talk of it becoming an annual event – not sure what the team delivering this logistical nightmare think about that, but it’s testament to the job they all did.

Find out more here

Swillington Organic Farm

I paid a visit to Swillington Organic farm this weekend to pick up my next foodie project. The farm is well known locally for its rare breed organic pork – in this instance, Saddleback pigs.

I’ve been fancying having another try at air dried ham after my last experiment ended fairly disastrously (I blame Hugh but that’s another story). I ordered a full leg which weighs in at a sizeable 9 kilos and it was all ready for us when we arrived. My mate dave and I are doing one at the same time, so we can compare notes along the way.

This is going to be a long job as the ham can take up to 9 months to air dry properly. I’m curing it first in salt for a few days and then hanging somewhere dry and draughty for the agonising long wait. I will report in regular intervals on progress…