Once in a while I see something where I say ‘I wish I’d done that’.

The guys at Music in Manchester have down just that, producing their own promotional book. Every one in agency land out there knows how hard it is to get something done that’s for yourself. There’s always client deadlines and insistent account managers who scupper it. The analogy of the cobblers children being the worst shod is never more true than in our industry.

So when someone produces a piece of self promotional work that is exceptional, it really is hats off to them. The book (and it is a weighty tome) they have produced is based around all the things they love from Noggin the Nog to The Six Million Dollar Man – from dingy Manc pubs to baking bread, it really is a thing to behold and a proper piece of work.

Try to get hold of a copy if you can – I’m sure every designer in the country will be desperately trying to get their hands on one after it was featured recently on the Creative Review blog.

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